Reverse Logistics & Returns Refurbishing Services

Reverse Logistics & Returns Refurbishing Services Reverse logistics is a system set for the return of goods. When products are returned to a seller they are typically unpackaged to some degree. These products when repackaged properly can be sold again. Knowing where to send products and materials, checking to see that all the parts are there, ordering parts if they are not, and resealing the product are typically all steps taken during returns and refurbishing. Having a proper reverse logistics in place can save you money. Florida Warehousing is here to help with that.

Retailers need to handle returns quick and efficiently. This means they are not documenting everything about the condition of the item. The person returning the item could say its broken but in reality, they just didn’t want the item. It is up to us to figure out the condition of the item and fix it if necessary. The average percentage of items returned to brick and mortar¬†stores is 9%. This stat more then doubles during the holidays. It is important that we properly handle these returns as if we can get even half of the returned items back on the shelf its a big deal. This is especially true when the items are of high value.