Bonded Warehouse Storage For Alcoholic Beverages

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Bonded Warehouse Storage in Florida

The importance of utilizing a secure, bonded warehouse for the storage of your good can go without saying, but finding one that can suit all of your needs is where the challenge lays.  Here at Florida Warehousing And Storage, our main goal is to ensure we make the entire process as streamlined as possible. But how do we do it? Well in our eyes it’s not just about storage it is about supply chain management. We have easy access, convenient pick-ups, and fast turnaround times. We strive to be proactive in every measure we can and because of that, we have produced a comprehensive warehousing service so you know exactly what you are getting and what it entails. While you are selecting a warehousing partner you need to find one who can:

  • Handle Bulk Alcohol Receiving As Well As Storage
  • Handle Bulk Aged Barrel Receiving As Well As Storage
  • Handle Barrel Aging
  • Handle Aged Alcohol Consolidation
  • Handle On-Site Wet And Dry Goods Storage

Advantages Of State Bonded Warehousing For Alcohol:

1. Long term Storage

Bonded warehouses are a fantastic solution for long-term storage. In the United States, you can store with one for up to 5 years without paying Duties. Storing long-term virtually prevents the need for unnecessary travel and allows importers to fully develop their relationships with reliable and trustworthy vendors.

2. Deferred Duties

One of the major benefits of bonded warehousing is that it saves you money. When the goods get stored at a bonded warehouse, the duties are deferred for the duration it is held inside of the warehouse.

3. Security

Bonded warehouses are very beneficial to store your goods while you are not using them because of how well secured they are.

4. Logistics Solutions

A major benefit to bonded warehouse storage is the complete logistics that is affiliated with the warehousing. We offer fulfillment services as well as handle the distribution, deliveries, and more.

5. You Receive A Bond For Your Stored Goods

To ensure you don’t lose money, whenever you store bonded goods you will receive a bond for the items to make sure that you don’t face any monetary losses.

6. Equipped To Handle Any Form Of Goods

Our bonded warehouse is fit to house many different types of goods whether you need them stored in a cooler or warmer environment we are ready to meet any environmental needs.

Feel Secure Knowing That Every Part of the Supply Chain Is Expertly Handled.

More Than Just A Storage Warehouse

Because of our onboard third-party logistics, we go beyond what you would expect from a typical warehouse storage facility. The majority of businesses are just looking for short-term storage for their goods but we try and focus on long-term relationships. We pride ourselves in warehousing convenience as well as good term relationships.

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