Third Party Logistics

Third Party Logistics, or 3PL Logistics is the process of a company using an outside source for some elements of the company’s receiving, processing, delivering orders to an end customer and distribution center on another company’s behalf. Florida Warehousing, LLC is an East Coast Florida based third party logistics (3PL) company that offers order fulfillment and other warehouse solutions. Our East Coast location provides you with ready access to some of the largest ports and airports.

Florida based 3PL logistics companies provide a unique advantage to companies whose products are entering the United States from overseas. Cost-effective and efficient container transportation to our warehousing facilities enables your products to be ready for distribution within the shortest possible time frame.

Contracting with a third party logistics company like Florida Warehousing, LLC, that has distribution capabilities can save you time and money, allowing you to reinvest both in the growth of your business. Imagine there’s a company out there that can optimize your order processing process, meaning your customers receive their orders faster, which is extremely important in today’s competitive market. It also makes sure that your inventory is always properly sorted, labeled and packaged for you so that you do not have to worry about organizing inventory either. In fact, a quality 3PL logistics company will have asset tracking software in place for proper management of your inventory and orders. Let us be the 3PL company for you!

How does a 3PL Company Work?

Here are the steps to a smooth transition to a third-party warehousing company.

  • Your products are shipped to our Third-Party Logistics (3PL) warehouse.
  • Next, your inventory is uploaded to the third-party logistics partner’s database.
  • Once fully integrated your customer then places and pays for their order. That order comes through and gets sent to Florida Warehousing, LLC for processing.
  • Processing consists of Florida Warehousing taking that order and inputting into our Warehouse Management system to determine quantities on hand to “fulfill” the placed order.
  • We would then Pick, Quality Check, Pack and prepare for shipment, the products.
  • The next step will update the inventory management system by decrementing the sales order from the on-hand quantity.
  • The last step would be to advise on the shipping method, prepare the shipping label document and provide packing and tracking information to our customers who can pass along to the end customer.

How Can A 3PL Company Save Me Time & Money?

  • Avoid taking on a long-term lease on warehouse space. By using a third party to warehouse and distribute your products, you can keep your overhead low and reduce your risk in the event that you need to upsize or downsize inventory storage.
  • Flexible pricing for growth. When you’re doing your own order fulfillment, there’s a risk that you won’t be able to support an unexpectedly large order. A third-party order fulfillment partner can work with you on pricing, without jeopardizing your ability to keep your customers happy.
  • No need to hire or manage additional staff as your orders increase. If you were doing your own product distribution, you’d need to hire and take on more personnel to satisfy new customers’ orders. With an order fulfillment partner, they handle the supply chain staffing so that you have a lot less to worry about when you grow.
  • Greater effectiveness with your actual business. With a knowledgeable and proven-successful product distribution partner, you can focus on what you do best! They will implement an effective order fulfillment process with you so that you can direct your attention to your products, sales, and other aspects of your business.

Advantages of A 3PL Company Warehousing

Time Savings

It will take a lot of the resources to control the supply chain because you will have multiple tasks to handle and refine. You should consider working with a third-party logistics supplier if your company is rising. They will shoulder the whole burden so that you can concentrate on your core business. Their experience will also help you eliminate expensive delivery failures that require much more time and money to fix.

No Personnel Needed

The benefits of working for a 3PL company is that with any job, they will be responsible for locating and recruiting the best candidates. They have their own warehouse workers and workers who are able to handle all the necessary manpower, including collection, inventory handling, order sorting, and delivery.

Operations streamlined

A 3PL provider will guarantee that the supply chain does its best in any aspect. They will continually update and incorporate best practices in the supply chain using the newest strategies and innovations.

Lowers Expense

Partnering with a 3PL business in the long term can save you money as the company expands. On packing and distribution prices, you will benefit from their efficiencies and exploit their purchasing power. You will also save money on costs and taxation on workers, warehousing costs, and general rates.

Florida Warehousing, LLC makes sense as your Third Party Logistics Services partner that has the resources and facilities you will need to grow your business to the ideal size while keeping your costs at the lowest level possible. To talk to one of our representatives about how a Third Party Logistics company like Florida Warehousing can help, call (321) 259-7983 today.