Contract Warehousing

One of our warehousing options available to you is Contract Warehousing. We can handle the shipping, receiving, and storage of goods on a contract basis. This is the most customizable option available.  You can lease a space for an allotted amount of time depending on the contract. Choosing this option can lead to lower costs and guarantee the period of service. These costs may be monthly, annual, or any set time. Typically you can extend this specified amount of time but the details will always be worked out ahead of time.


With our contract warehousing services, we can provide extra services related to warehousing and storage. This may be useful to you if you are expanding or experiencing sharp increases in demand for your product. In addition, our contract warehousing services can work with your business in a way that you can ensure trust with your logistics providers by keeping goods flowing to and from their storage points on time. It’s important to build relationships with reliable partners. Having extra storage in your back pocket so to speak may help you achieve this.

No matter the size of your company, we can make space to house your goods. Make the right decision and let us handle your warehousing needs. Set up a time to build a contract with us and watch your storage space needs disappear. (321-259-7983)