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We supply businesses with short or long term logistics outsourcing services. Like most businesses that produce, import, export, or transport products, warehousing logistics are a necessity. When an order is issued the customer experience does not end. A warehouse gives you better control over your inventory and ensures that customers get their products on time, resulting in higher profits.

At Florida Warehousing and Storage, we do our best to assist companies in logistics outsourcing services and warehousing solutions. Florida based logistics companies provide a unique advantage to companies whose products are entering the United States from overseas. Cost-effective and efficient container transportation to our warehousing facilities enables your products to be ready for distribution within the shortest possible time frame.

Public Warehousing Offers More Than Just Storage

The public warehouse is not only a facility where a company can store their products. We also offer warehousing logistics, including inventory management, physical inventory counts, and shipping functionality.

While most businesses see investing in warehousing logistics as a short-term solution, it can often turn into a long-term relationship as businesses are accustomed to public warehouse convenience. To remain competitive, companies that own and operate public warehouses invest significantly in new facilities. To retain and draw new buyers, they deliver improved degrees of versatility to clients.

Choosing Warehousing Logistics & Services In Brevard County, FL

Your company has a number of reasons for having an outside facility, as well as their short- and long-term demands and the amount you are able to pay for the operation. It is helpful to consider our location, expansion, flexibility, and technology when you’re ready to connect with us about your logistical warehousing needs.

Benefits of Warehousing Logistics

The benefit of controlled warehouse logistics is simple – increased revenue.

When the warehouse operations run smoothly, the inventory is correctly cared for, the right item is shipped at the correct time, the product is replenished as appropriate, there are less picking mistakes, and all the staff, procedures, & structures are in place as they should be. Minimal errors and problems mean maximized revenue.

When you implement a solid WMS to control your warehouse logistics, you:

  • Ensure accurate, real-time inventory counts
  • Decrease returns, sending the right item, the first time.
  • Auto-replenish stock: Don’t wait until you’re out (or nearly out) of stock to order more; let your WMS auto-replenish inventory when stock levels get low.
  • Maximize warehouse space: Some WMS automate warehouse routines (ex. stock rotation and picking), which means you’ll need less floor space for workers, which in turn means maximizing your warehouse space to store more inventory.
Third Party Logistics ServicesHere are the following warehousing solutions and services that we provide:

Our logistics outsourcing company is located within close proximity to Cape Canaveral and a few miles from Melbourne International Airport. This central location provides tremendous advantages to a company looking to distribute their goods throughout the southeastern states with our warehouse services. Our warehouse facility provides convenient routes for shippers servicing the facility due to several nearby arteries to Melbourne, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and all across Florida and the southern states.

Call Us Now at (321) 259-7983 or go to the contact us page to discuss your logistics outsourcing project, and our pricing. No matter what type of warehousing needs you have, we are here to help with our warehouse solutions and third party logistics services.

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