Public Warehousing

At Florida Warehousing and Storage we offer the best public warehousing solutions in the area. Companies that sell large quantities of a product can benefit from the services of a public warehouse. Even in the rainy State of Florida, you are sure to have your goods remaining safe and dry. We offer multiple options as far as shipping methods and techniques. As a full-service logistics provider, Florida Warehousing will offer cross docking, pick-pack, and contract packaging service to augment the transportation process. This allows the clients to customize their own warehousing experience to meet their own specific needs as well as the needs of their customers.

We offer inventory tracking and management technology. We even have our own inventory control software. This will allow you to treat the public warehouse the same way they would any other well-connected satellite location.

Is Public Warehousing Beneficial for You?

A lot of companies start by using public warehousing services temporarily.  Later on, they shift into using them permanently. By outsourcing your warehousing needs, this typically makes more sense then to create your own storage and distribution system. Location can make all the difference. That is why we are located right near the Melbourne Airport and not far from the port in Cape Canaveral. This allows your goods to be delivered promptly to you or your business associates much faster and in sync, suiting their just-in-time supply chain needs.

Florida Warehousing has available space for your goods. As your company continues grows, the amount of space you need also grows. This is not a problem when you have access to a warehouse. You just need to pay for space and then you may use it. This is why access to a public warehouse can be so beneficial for you. We also offer highly advanced technology that is often financially unobtainable by smaller companies but is affordable when the cost is shared across multiple businesses who share the same public warehouse.


Florida Warehousing and Storage