At Florida Warehousing and Storage, our warehousing services Florida are about more than just storing goods and products.   We not only provide space for a variety of goods and products but also work individually with each client to create a storage solution that works.

Our clients get more than just space: they get targeted, focused service designed to provide a public warehousing solution that works for each company’s specific needs. Our guiding principle – we keep our customers happy – means we work one-on-one with each client, providing convenience, flexibility and cost-effective warehousing solutions to a variety of industries.

Our warehousing service provides clean, dry storage space and focuses on providing related services – handling, pallet services, stretch wrap and labeling – through our logistics solution and work individually with each customer to develop a program that works for their needs. Most of our customers choose to use our warehousing logistics services, allowing Florida Warehousing to receive products, inspect, inventory, palletize, store in our warehouse and maintain inventory with our state-of-the-art inventory system.

To meet the goals of many of our public and contract warehousing clients, Florida Warehousing and Storage also offers logistics, distribution and fulfillment services.

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