pick and pack fulfillment servicesIf you’re a business that is managing your own fulfillment orders, you know very well that it can take so much of your time. As a business, your main objective is to provide excellent customer service and making sure your customers receive their products. However, it can be extremely difficult to do both tasks simultaneously. This is where pick and pack fulfillment services come in. When a business uses this fulfillment strategy, it can save them a tremendous amount of time and money in the long term. In this post, we would like to discuss even further how pick and pack fulfillment services can help improve your business process.

What is Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Pick and pack fulfillment is the process of picking your products, packaging them, and adding a shipping label and invoice to the product. Once this process is completed, your products are ready to be shipped to your customer’s location.

Why Should You Use Pick and Pack Fulfillment Services

As we mentioned earlier, your job is to serve your customers by giving them their orders in a timely fashion. It is no easy feat to also fulfill their orders because your inventory needs to be organized as well as being monitored and tracked. Also, products must be packaged properly and delivered to your customers without any damage. All of these services need to be done in a physical space where you hire your own labor force to carry out hundreds of orders around the clock. In the end, this can be very overwhelming and daunting to take on one’s own time and expenses. By outsourcing your pick and pack fulfillment services to a 3PL company, here are the benefits in summary:

  • Your items will be shipped faster.
  • It will free up your time which can be spent on customer service and lead generation.
  • It will minimize costly mistakes when shipping your orders to your customers
  • You can essentially handle more orders as your business grows.

Now that you know how using pick and pack fulfillment services can improve your business, we believe it’s a no brainer that you contact us at Florida Warehousing & Storage today to provide this service to you. Contact us now at (321) 259-7983 or go to the contact us page to discuss your project and our pricing. No matter what type of warehousing needs you have, we are here to help with your product distribution.