Third Party Logistics in Florida – Helping Your Business Grow

Third Party Logistics 3PL | Florida Warehouse

Third Party Logistics could be the perfect solution. Trying to manage logistics within a business is a major task. In-house logistics may be fine while you’re getting started, but once the orders start to build it can be a real challenge. 

The limits of in-house logistics:

In-house logistics puts a cap on the number of orders you can process. It can also hurt sales. Because you are having to spend extra time processing, shipping, and receiving that means you have less time working on your business. One solution would be to hire an employee to do this for you. The problem is, there is often a gap between what you can manage yourself and the number of orders necessary to pay for an employee.

Whatever you spend on an employee, you have to make back up in sales. This means even more orders to fulfill. Depending on the nature of your business, just getting to the break-even point could max the workload of your single employee. As you can see, this cycle can continue forever. You might technically be growing the size of your business, but your profits aren’t matching up.


Third Party Logistics is a great alternative:

Because a third party logistics company, like Florida Warehousing, is already set up and optimized for this type of service, you don’t have to do the heavy lifting on the front end. We have software that allows you to track and manage orders, and we take care of the fulfillment. We are able to scale with you, instead of you trying to play catch up yourself. 

Your risk is minimized while the benefits are maximized. Unfulfilled orders or late shipments are a major detractor for your customers. Not only do you risk losing an existing customer, but a bad review online and unfavorable word of mouth can really hurt your reputation. Just like any relationship, it is much harder to build trust than to break it. By leaving your warehousing and distribution to a professional third party logistics company, you can be sure your orders arrive on time and your customers are happy. This leaves you the time and peace of mind to focus on what you’re best at.

Warehousing with 3PL:

Not only can Florida Warehousing provide excellent third party logistics, we have warehousing and storage solutions to make sure your inventory is safe and well managed. Our warehousing service provides clean, dry storage space and focuses on providing related services – handling, pallet services, stretch wrap, and labeling – through our logistics solution. We work individually with each customer to develop a program that works for their needs. 

Most of our customers choose to use our warehousing logistics services. This allows Florida Warehousing to receive products, inspect, inventory, palletize, store in our warehouse, and maintain inventory with our state-of-the-art inventory system. Clients can customize their own warehousing experience to meet their own specific needs.

Florida Warehousing, LLC will be your Third Party Logistics Services partner. We have the resources and facilities you will need to grow your business to the ideal size while keeping your costs at the lowest level possible. To talk to one of our representatives about how a Third Party Logistics company like Florida Warehousing can help, call (321) 259-7983 today.